Livre Nomade Parmi les Fûts


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An extraordinary story, through space and time, in the footsteps of the undisputed master of the Caribbean: rum. A unique adventure, alongside Luca Gargano, the Genoese who definitely marked the history of rum. A man who allowed gourmets from Europe and the world to discover exceptional rums, unique distilleries, extraordinary people. And more: the soul, the culture, the beating heart of a universe which gives pride of place to respect for nature, to the work of the Fields, to Music, to conviviality, to flavors, to the sweetness of life.

From the seventies to the near future, from Cuba to the most remote corners of the Caribbean, through the most unexpected encounters with characters such as Fidel Castro, Gérard Depardieu, Niki Lauda, this book retraces the journey which led to a rum after another, Luca Gargano, between tradition and innovation, in a round of success and discovery, timeless.

book in French.