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Galion Grand Arome bottled in the 1980s

Typologies: Rum
Provenance: Martinique
Bottling year: 1980s
Format: 70cl.
Alc Vol: 40% Vol.

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The Grand Arôme du Galion is a piece of history: coming from the Galion factory in Martinique, it is a traditional rum (or sweet rum), that is to say made from molasses and syrups from the production of cane sugar, having undergone a very long fermentation.

The Galion range covers three categories of rum: a white, a dark rum and this great flavor marketed in the 1980s.

Resulting from a unique method and the result of fermentation (in wooden vats with a unique ecosystem) of sugar cane molasses and vinasses, Galion rums offer an unusual aromatic concentration that could bring them closer to rums. Jamaicans.