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Neisson 2010 Tatanka La Distillerie 4YO

Typologies: Rum
Provenance: Martinique
Age: 4
Vintage: 2010
Bottling year: 2014
Format: 100cl.
Alc Vol: 46% Vol.

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"""A 2010 vintage of Neisson dressed by Tatanka, aged in July 2010 and bottled in July 2014, after 4 years. There are three versions of this 2010, or to be more precise three different paintings, representing the Distillery (La Distillerie), the Cutter (Le Coupeur) and the Amareuse. 120 bottles (1 liter format) of each were marketed exclusively by LMDW (La Maison du Whiskey).

Bottle representing La Distillerie (the distillery).

Limited edition of 120 bottles

Tatanka is an artisanal company producing hand paintings on various supports (rum bottles, cane sugar pots, mignonettes, etc.) in a naive art style. Their partnership with the Neisson distillery dates back to 1996."""