Don Q


Don Q

The history of Don Q rum dates back to the 1820s when Sebastián Serrallés set up a sugar cane plantation and factory in southern Puerto Rico in Ponce. However, it was not until the arrival of his son Juan Serrallés in 1865 that rum production began after he had a still specially brought from France.

Between 1919 and 1933, the production of rum will be interrupted due to prohibition in the United States and the Serrallés distillery will mainly sell "medicinal alcohol". It will resume its activities in 1933 with the official launch of the Don Q brand, in homage to Don Quixote, and invested in a new modern five-column distillation installation. The following years are prosperous and the Ron Don Q is a real success, especially in America.

A tragedy of modern times, sugar factories are closing almost everywhere, forcing the Serrallés distillery to gradually import its molasses. Apart from its flagship brand, the distillery also produces for the Captain Morgan brand and increases its production a little more: the 2000s mark new investments with the addition of a second complex of five columns to be distilled in 2007 (which releases a rum grading more than 94%), then others even more substantial will allow it to drastically increase its capacity to produce today the equivalent of 83 million liters of pure alcohol per year.

Today the multi-columns and the 1934 column cohabit in the distillery and Serrallés continues to produce two types of rum according to the Cuban method: a light rum at more than 94% and a more aromatic rum (aguardiente) which comes out at 75%.

On the aging side, Don Q has an impressive stock of more than 100,000 barrels, the majority in American oak having contained Bourbon, and practices the true Solera method.

Country : Porto Rico
Name : Don Q
Address : Destilería Serrallés, Ponce
Website :
Fondation : 1820

Don Q