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El Dorado Single Barrel EHP

Provenance: Guyana
Format: 75cl
Alc Vol: 40% Vol.

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Distilled at the Diamond distillery in Guyana, the Single Barrel range from El Dorado offers three different profiles each from three of their former distilleries: Enmore, Port Mourant and Uitvlugt. These are bottles released on the American market.

Single Barrel ICBU (Uitvlugt) was distilled using a Savalle column. The rum has aged 12 years ex-Bourbon barrels.

Single Barrel EHP (Enmore) was distilled in a Coffey Still wooden column still. The rum is aged for 12 to 14 years ex-Bourbon barrels.

The Single Barrel PM (Port Mourant) was distilled in the Port Mourant wooden pot still and aged for ten years in ex-Bourbon casks.