Founded in Santiago de Cuba by brothers Benjamin and Eduardo Camp, Matusalem rum has its roots in Cuba in 1872. Accompanied by Evaristo Alvarez, they put to use their experience acquired in Spain, particularly in distillation and the art of assembly (Solera method).

At the beginning of the 1910s, the son Evaristo joined the adventure and made the Matusalem brand take off, helped by prohibition in the United States which made Cuba a dream vacation spot for Americans. The years that followed will mark yet another boom for the brand that rubbed shoulders with the peaks in the 1940s.

In 1959, the year of the Cuban revolution, the distilleries were nationalized and the families expropriated. The Matusalem distillery is retained by the new government but is used to produce Ron Santiago. Exiled to the United States, the Alvarez family was powerless until, in 1980, disputes broke out among the descendants to find out who owned the brand. A decade of lawsuits later, Dr. Claudio Alvarez Salazar, great-grandson of the founder, is finally named owner of the Matusalem brand by a judgment.

He decided to relaunch the brand in 2002, but this time from the Dominican Republic. First only exported to the United States, Matusalem will then be more widely distributed until (again) becoming a flagship brand.

In 2015, Matusalem built its own aging and bottling site in the province of Monte Plata.

Country : République Dominicaine
Name : Ron Matusalem
Address : Monte Plata
Website :
Fondation : 1872