Armagnacs Ladevèze


Armagnacs Ladevèze

Fifth generation at the head of the Domaine de la Boubée, located in the heart of the Ténarèze appellation, Alexandre and Manon Ladevèze do much more than maintain a family heritage, they develop it while endeavoring to sublimate all the flavors of the armagnac. Their objective is clearly announced: to reintroduce, protect and distil the ten historic grape varieties authorized by the AOC Armagnac.

Followers of organic farming long before being certified in 2021, their vines - the oldest of which are over 70 years old - flourish in a soil of great diversity: from limestone to siliceous from East to West, the different terroirs draw a diversity of bouquets which will give the armagnacs of Alexandre and Manon as many personalities as there are plots and grape varieties.

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Country : France
Name : Armagnacs Ladevèze
Address : Domaine de la Boubée, Montréal du Gers
Terroir : Ténarèze
Grape variery : Ugni Blanc, Baco, Clairette de Gascogne, Jurançon Blanc, Plant de Graisse, Meslier Saint-François, Mauzac Blanc, Mauzac Rosé, Folle Blanche (9 sur les 10 de l’AOC)

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