Ladevèze Plant de Graisse 2004 19YO

Typologies: Armagnac
Provenance: France
Region: Ténarèze
Distiller: Patrick Michalouski
Varieties / Grape variety: Plant de Graisse
Age: 19
Vintage: 2004
Bottling year: 2023
Format: 70cl.
Alc Vol: 54% Vol.

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Plant de Graisse 2004 official bottling :)

After the success of the Nomade series (sold-out for this 2004), we are selling a few bottles from Alexandre & Manon Ladevèze. This is the last batch available (from a stock that remained in demijohn).

Bottled on 02/05/2024
Numbered and signed bottle
limited edition of 10 copies

Plant de Graisse is a rare and endemic grape variety - it represents less than 1% of the Armagnac Appellation grape varieties - pampered by Alexandre & Manon Ladevèze on less than one hectare. Bottled at its natural strength after 19 years of aging, this Plant de Graisse 2004 is a bomb of delicacies, perfectly balancing pastry notes specific to the grape variety and a certain aromatic power. Limited edition of 57 bottles.

The traveling distiller, Patrick Michalouski, has been distilling for the Ladevèze family since 1996. A lover of old stills, he has been working for more than 40 years in the three appellations of Armagnac and distills at the Ladevèze family no less than nine of the ten grape varieties authorized by the 'AOC Armagnac.