Grosperrin Cognac


Grosperrin Cognac

Independent and family house managed by Guilhem Grosperrin, Grosperrin Cognacs share an original and unique history with the Cognac region.

Resolutely part of the 18th century trading tradition, they now have a unique collection which highlights the terroirs as much as the men behind each eau-de-vie which rests peacefully in the Guilhem cellars. Each batch thus becomes a living witness to a plot, a terroir, a past history, through the snapshot of a vintage or a unique barrel that Grosperrin systematically highlights.

It all started with Jean Grosperrin, the father of Guilhem and Axelle, who became a distiller in 1981. Alternately a farm worker, shepherd, then sheep shearer in the summer, he embraced distillation and settled permanently in Cognac in the 1990s. , before becoming a campaign broker two years later. The meetings continued and he decided to buy a few barrels of cognac at the end of the 1990s, tired of seeing family treasures disappear into soulless blends. He was the first to market them by telling the stories of each batch and displaying the ages of the eaux-de-vie.

In 2004, Guilhem Grosperrin took over the family business, determined to make his father's motto his own: “to bear witness without artifice to the Charente heritage”. He builds up stocks and enriches the cellars with exceptional cognacs from heirlooms and confidential estates. Feeling the need to reveal the original terroirs, often neglected in favor of storage logic, he decided to control all or part of the aging process, respecting the history of each cognac.

He developed his business before his sister Axelle joined him in 2013 to continue the family saga. An artist, she designs sublime labels according to requests, adding an extra touch of authenticity to this decidedly unique family.

Country : France
Name : Grosperrin Cognac
Address : Port La Rousselle, Saintes
Website :
Foundation : 1981