Château Lassalle Baqué 1992 31YO Brut de Fût

Typologies: Armagnac
Provenance: France
Varieties / Grape variety: Ugni Blanc
Age: 31
Vintage: 1992
Bottling year: 2023

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Vintage 1992 from Château Lassalle Baqué, aged for 31 years (including 3 years in roux then 28 years in Armagnac) and bottled on 04/07/20203 at Château Lassalle Baqué. This is a cask strength and single cask Armagnac (#10)

Rémi usually offers his 1992 reduced to 43% but the barrel bottled here clearly stood out, hence the idea of offering it in its rawest form.

Limited edition of 636 copies
Numbered bottle

Grape variety: Ugni Blanc
Terroir: Boulbène (sandy loam)

Harvesting winemaker: Josette Brocardo
Traveling distiller: Yvan St Martin
Type of still: Armagnac column, continuous heating
Energy: wood fired

Drum capacity: 410 liters
Type of wood: French oak, coarse grain
Chai: moist