La Favorite


La Favorite

The La Jambette sugar estate, which later became La Favorite, dates back to the 18th century. Its production of rum (from molasses) will begin the following century when a distillery is installed in 1842.

In 1851, a certain Charles Henri bought the estate and officially renamed it La Favorite. Two decades later it went bankrupt before a hurricane completely destroyed the facilities in 1891. The story of La Favorite could have ended there, but in 1909 Henri Dormoy acquired the property at auction and decided to relaunch it. Five years later, he decided to stop the production of sugar to devote himself to rhum agricole (made from pure juice): he bought a steam engine (still in service) and a distillation column, in addition to developing a railway to transport the cane to the distillery.

Due to lack of profitability, the distillery closed in 1924, marking the return of sugar production. La Favorite rum is nevertheless still marketed thanks to the distillation of canes from the estate in a neighboring distillery (Lareinty). After the death of Henri Dormoy in 1938, his son André took over the family business and began renovation work and reopened the distillery in 1957.

The distillery quickly made up for lost time and bought several brands: the rum Survi in 1969, Courville in 1975 then it acquired the Saint-Étienne distillery in 1985 before reselling it in 1993.

Distillation is carried out today on two columns: the first entirely in copper installed in 1957, and the second half stainless steel half copper dating from 1986.

Country : Martinique
Name : Distillerie La Favorite
Address : Route du Lamentin, Fort-de-France
Website :
Foundation : 1842

La Favorite