La Macoucherie

Built at the end of the 19th century by a French family, the distillery passed into the hands of a local family at the beginning of the following century before finally becoming the property of HD Shillingford, grandfather of the current owner, in 1938.

Comprising a little less than 3 hectares of sugar cane grown in organic farming, the distillery produces a pure juice rum, taking care of the entire rum manufacturing chain, from cultivation to marketing. The small mill used to extract the juice from the canes is driven by a paddle wheel, and the distillation takes place in a double column with copper trays fed by a wood and bagasse boiler.

The various cyclones hitting the island have unfortunately undermined the activity of this unique distillery.
Country : Dominique
Name : La Macoucherie / Shillingford Estate Ltd
Address : Saint Joseph, Salisbury
Foundation : fin du XIXe
La Macoucherie