Série Nomade #1

Domaine de Jouatmaou 1989 34YO

Typologies: Armagnac
Provenance: France
Region: Bas Armagnac
Distiller: Guy Dufau
Cask: 43
Varieties / Grape variety: Folle Blanche, Baco
Age: 34
Vintage: 1989
Bottling year: 2023
Number of bottles: 571
Format: 70cl
Alc Vol: 41,5% Vol.

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Thirty-four years old is the age of this Bas-Armagnac resulting from the blending of two historic grape varieties: Folle Blanche, the traditional variety of Armagnac destroyed by phylloxera in 1893, and Baco, the latest to come in Armagnac which was created to replace the first (a hybrid variety from Folle Blanche and Noah). This 1989 vintage from the Domaine de Joutamaou was distilled by traveling distiller Guy Dufau. A limited edition of 571 bottles.

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