Hampden Estate HLCF 8 Marks Collection

Typologies: Rum
Provenance: Jamaique
Vintage: 2010
Format: 160cl
Alc Vol: 60% Vol.

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At Hampden Estate, each rum is designated by a "mark" corresponding to its degree of ester concentration, expressed in grams per hectoliter of alcohol. By combining raw materials, duration and method of fermentation, the distillery offers a wide range of powerful and aromatic rums. This 8 Marks collection offers all rum lovers a unique journey to the heart of the distillery.

This box contains 8 bottles of white rum (20 cl), grading 60% alc. and representing the eight marks (or ester rate in grams per hectolitre of pure alcohol) of Hampden Estate:
• OWH (40-80 g/hL alc.)
• LFCH (80-120 g/hL alc.)
• LROK (200-400 g/hL alc.)
• HLCF (400-600 g/hL alc.)
• <>H (900-1000 g/hL alc.)
• HGML (1000-1100 g/hL alc.)
• C<>H (1300-1400 g/hL alc.)
• DOK (1500-1600 g/hL alc.)