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Maniba 60 bottled in the 1950/1960

Typologies: Rum
Provenance: Martinique
Format: 98cl.
Alc Vol: 60% Vol.

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Very (very) rare bottle of Maniba rum, former Martinican distillery. The 98cl bottle. is imposing and displays a unique alcoholic degree of 60%.

The story goes that the rum was bottled in the 1950s/1960s and offered to the shareholders of the distillery when it closed. On this occasion, they used bottles of white rum (originally 50%) and modified the titration by hand, transforming the 50 into 60, and bottling a rum that we imagine aged instead of white rum normally intended for this bottle.

A peaceful fishing village about ten kilometers north of Fort-de-France, Case-Pilote was not only one of the first towns in Martinique, it was also the scene of a legendary distillery: Maniba. Its traces date back to the year 1918 when a certain Mr. R. de Jaham was authorized to transfer his distillery from Fond Boucher.

In 1922, the distillery changed into a sugar refinery to cope with the quota law which then limited the quantity of rum produced. In 1956, the distillery and its estate were sold to several shareholder families of S.A. Maniba and the sugar cane was sent to the Lareinty factory, located in Lamentin.

The distillery smoked again in 1959 and was equipped with a Creole column then a few years later (in 1962) with a Savalle column which produced great aroma for export. In 1974, the distillery closed its doors for good. His column is sold to Trois-Rivières and the contingent to the Saint-James distillery which will perpetuate the Maniba brand.